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Bunly Translation Services (2) copyTranslation

– Proofreading: After the first step of translation, a specialized language editor proofreads the document for grammar, accuracy and especially the context of understanding.

– Editing : When our language experts have approved the translation, to layout of product as similar to the original document as possible.- Quality Assurance: After the quality assurance process has done by a team comprised of language experts who are professional in finalizing the text, checking for language and format issues.


We are capable for individual and organization service: Simultaneous Interpretation- There are three “simultaneous” interpretation methods: Whispered interpretation, Dumb/sound-proof booth, Sight translation, Consecutive Interpretation, Liaison Interpretation, Relay Interpretation.

Teaching and Tutoring

National professors in this program are highly educated with university degree(s) and at least 2-year teaching experience and are carefully screened and selected. Professors are well-disciplined, helpful and professional in effectively teaching students.

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