Translators & Interpreters


BUNLY TRANSLATION  SERVICES has 8 translators  and 13 Interpreters (TOUR GUIDES – junior and senior levels) so that we can get them into the right place when customers need any field of the documents and topic about. We are so proud of having translators and interpreters who are very professional and expert; for they have done their field of translation and interpretation Bachelor of Art in English Degree and also Master of Art in English Degree already, lecturing Academic writing and core-English..etc at universities. They are expert on the other fields such as administrations, businesses, economics and we ensure to translate all kinds of regulations.

1. Mr. Kong Seila is  excellent on book translating he was able to start translating books since 2001. He works for AMI on St.O5 in Sihanouk Ville.

2. Mr. Bun Phanna is the book translator at their organization since he was doing his Bachelor Degree.

3. Mr. Sor Sophara has been teaching English at Universities since 1993. He is also excellent on education field both translation and interpretation.

4. Mr. Chab Chamreun is expert on both translation and interpretation. By his job experiences, he has been working for NGO where gives him opportunities to work with native speakers all the time and be good at economy and education fields.

5. Mr. Bo Narith  is also expert on both translation and interpretation as he works as lecturer who teaches at Universities in Sihanoukville. His English field provides him be able to translate and interpret education field.

6. Mr. Bunheang Ly is expert on NGO field such as Non-formal Education both translation and interpretation. He is also our partner at PP  he runs his own services at #18B, St.44, Toul Toumpoung II, Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

7. Mr. John Dara is expert on Both translation and Interpretation; his fields can be education, agriculture, administrations, businesses, economics field.

8. Mr. Seng Sothan is currently working as a lecturer and the Dean of Student Affairs in Life University, Preah Sihanouk province.