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How are good translations delivered by BUNLY TRANSLATION SERVICES?

The basic term of translation is to change from one language (the source language) to another language (the target language) while keeping the same meaning and incorporating the nuances of the original text. The cultural background of the first language should be adapted where appropriate to suit the target language.
A best translator has to be able to keep up with the latest developments in his or her chosen field by carefully reading technical with over years experience in field and not only doing this  translators are the perfect work but also translators are keen to develop their knowledge following the latest trends in the industrial, business, and professional worlds in order to produce even better results.
Translation and proof-reading are closely connected. In addition having a systematic proof-reading process for our own translations (included in the price of the translation), BUNLY TRANSLATION, translation service also has a committee for proof-reading which is included with translation service charge before turning back to our customers.
For a good translation, translators have to be carefully chosen and trained. BUNLY TRANSLATION has competitive advantage in this regard. Our translators, in-house and external, are highly qualified professionals who translate only into their native language.

BUNLY TRANSLATION , Our interpreters and translators have expertise on only English and Khmer in following fields:

* Agriculture, food sciences, fisheries, forestry, aquaculture, agronomy
* Education, training
* Economics, commerce, international trade
* Regulations, business contracts/formalities

Teaching Service

Teaching Mission
Strengthening the quality and improve the capacity of students to be responsible, well-informed citizens

National professors in this program are highly educated with university degree(s) and at least 2-year teaching experience and are carefully screened and selected. Professors are well disciplined, helpful and professional in effectively teaching students to achieve program objectives.

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