Tutoring Services

Strengthening the quality and improve the capacity of students to be responsible, well-informed citizens

National professors in this program are highly educated with university degree(s) and at least 2-year teaching experience and are carefully screened and selected. Professors are well disciplined, helpful and professional in effectively teaching students to achieve program objectives.

Tutoring Khmer to foreign learners

1. For Foreign Learners(FL) who wish to know and speak Khmer

–    Khmer teaching with only speaking

–    Learn to write Khmer

We locate in Sihanoukvile, Kingdom of Cambodia. As we have known already that Sihanoukvile is one of the cities in Cambodia where has a lots of beaches and resources. Especially, more international people come to invest and do businesses so these make local people get jobs. Anyway, they do not know how to communicate with locals well and it is the reason why we have a TUTORING SERVICE for foreign learners who want and need to communicate with Cambodians. We think It is so hard for most of foreign business owners cannot speak Khmer and lead Khmer staff; so our mission is to tutor Khmer language to whom they have English enough to explain and be able to communicate with local staff. However, if you know and speak Khmer, you will get easier when you live in Cambodia.

2./    Support Programs
Consists of foreign language learning and English programs that include:

2.1/ For National Learners (NL):
–    Intensive English for Academic Purposes
–    General English as a Second Language
–    English Conversation and Speaking Naturally
–    English Writing Skills
–    English Reading Skills
–    Business English

Tutoring service is not really interested in learning because some parents think that they want their kids to exchange and gain the knowledge from the other students; however, it is just the words that we suppose to get. Generally, half of the number of students right now just pretend that they are learning and saving their knowledge; nevertheless, they just learn nothing and get the culture shocks from their friends acting everyday so that a little bit more than you pay monthly for your kids or yourself to get more and fast increasing such as English or Khmer. You not only get full of  their study whole time with us but also you will have more times at home, no risks with traffic, not spent on your transportation to schools. On other hand, you or your kids will study ages but the capacities are not fit to their time and money which spent on.
However, you just spend concentration from your own teach be gentle with soft by our good aims and characters in order to help you, your kids (students) be strong with education both English and Khmer languages.
# we have English teachers from the basic of English until the advance levels.

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