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The Translation Service provides professional translation services to businesses, central and local government, education providers and private individuals. If you are looking for a translation service with the highest quality and the best cost-effectiveness, you have come to the right place.

What is the translation?
In the technical usage, translation is referred to as the process of converting a written message from one language to another.

BUNLY TRANSLATION ,  Our translators have expertise on only English and Khmer in following fields:

1. Agriculture

2. Food sciences

3. Fisheries

4. Forestry
5. Educations

5.1 Trainings

5.2 Workshops, seminars, conferences and others…

6. Regulations

7. Business contracts/formalities, leaflets, flyers and others.

As a translation agency, we are the link between our customers and our translators. Our customers can place their translations with us in perfect confidence, knowing that our service will ensure that the translation provided has been checked from target language to source language and also from source language back to target language, by five professional translators.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. We also understand that quality is affected when a job is rushed. The Translation Service will not compromise on quality. If we cannot meet your deadline we will not accept the assignment. We aim to give realistic time limits and ensure that all translations are completed and returned to you within the agreed time limit.

Translation procedures

The work is assigned to a translator who works in his/her native language. To the extent possible, the translated material always follows the presentation and layout of the original document.
Another native speaker cross-checks and reviews the translation to ensure its accuracy, quality and consistency. Any queries are resolved with the customer at each stage of the translation process.
The translated document is double-checked and proofread by a native expert in the target language to ensure readability. Proposed changes are tracked for further review.
The tracked changes are taken on board or rejected. A final review process by the original translator or reviewer ensures that no correction or suggestion leads to a mis-translation or mis-interpretation of the original.

The final product

The product is finalized and delivered to the customer not only meeting but exceeding his or her expectations.
If there is any feedback from the customer, BTS provides a prompt and appropriate response.

Note: Make sure that you want us to type any font (Limon or Unicod) Please Tell us!

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