Interpretation Services

Interpretation is the process where two or more parties come to understand the essential meaning of a subject or conversation; “We did not know what to say or what was being said to us in a foreign language until we hired our interpreter.”
History of Interpreting
The field of spoken language interpreting started during the Paris Peace Conference 1919.

Experienced civil servants, journalists, or diplomats with fluency in four or more languages were the first interpreters.

They did only consecutive (but not simultaneous) interpreting; a slow and painstaking process.


– The process of converting verbal messages produced in one language immediately into another for non-native speakers.

– Quick oral translation so speakers of different languages can communicate effectively in tourist, business and academic transactions.

  • 8-hour tour guide interpreter

We have 15 tour guides available for individual service (junior and senior level interpreters, all of whom will help you navigate your way through your new city).

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
    The process in which an interpreter delivers his/ her translation almost at the same time as the speaker does, nearly word for word, providing immediate understanding for all parties.

There are three “simultaneous” interpretation methods:
–  Whispered interpretation
–  Dumb/sound-proof booth
–  Sight translation

  • Consecutive Interpretation 

The process in which an interpreter delivers his/ her translation after the speaker’s original message has been given in its entirety.

  • Liaison Interpretation

The situation in which an interpreter may have little or no special preparation and accompanies an individual or group in one or more meetings, tours and activities as an official language representative.

  • Relay Interpretation

The process in which one interpreter must rely on another interpreter’s output to serve as input for his/her interpretation.

For example, Interpreter A can speak only Khmer and English. Interpreter B can speak only French and English, and Client C is Cambodian.

A French lady is speaking French to Interpreter B, who interprets from French to English, and then Interpreter A interprets from English to Khmer.

Sound-proof interpreter’s boot

Sound-proof interpreter’s boot

Nowadays we have (Click this link  8-professional interpreter to see us) who can work on our program supports below

BUNLY TRANSLATION SERVICES’  interpreters have expertise in English and Khmer in the following fields:
– Police departments
– Job interviews
– Training courses, workshops, conferences
– Churches, companies, hospitals, factories
–  Liaison  Example in Conference, Regulations, Business contracts/formalities, leaflets, flyers and others

What is conference interpreting?

Booth without a view

Booth without a view

Conference interpreting deals exclusively with oral communication: rendering a message from one language into another, naturally and fluently, adopting the delivery, tone and convictions of the speaker and speaking in the first person.

Note:  We require at least 24 hrs in case of cancellation!