Khmer Teachers

There are many ways in which children and youth are educated. The social, racial, and cultural landcape in Cambodia is becoming more and more diverse and multifaceted. How youth respond to current issues is a reflection of their perceptions as to how older citizens respond to social reality. How to improve the quality of educational services remains a concern of the general public. Public perceptions of the nation’s efforts in the education of its youth are of great importance to those who work with children and youth. We must be attentive to the peoples’ concerns; we cannot ignore them.

How the people serve y a nation’s school perceive the quality of the education they received is of great interest, because public perceptions can translate into either increased or decreased levels of support for a nation’s educational system. Achieving a public consensus as to what the aims of purposes of education ought to be can be difficult. As we have known already that Cambodia’s educational system is semilar to other countries; however, in a classroom a teacher has more students than the others. This means that even teachers are so helpful for students and to try to transfer all their educations but still not to all students who are participating in class.

We make sure our teaching places need to be places where students feel safe, places that provide hope and that instill confidence in the prospects for a happier and better future for all. The sarety of students and teachers in classes is a matter of concern to many persons due to tragic events in the recent past. Places for teaching need to be places where students can dream and hope and work to inform themselves in the process of building their futures. Places need to help students learn to be inquiring persons. ( Students or Learners can choose wherever they feel good to learn)


We have 4 Khmer Teachers for tutoring Khmer:

# Mrs. DIEB SRAV is public teacher, teaching at M’tey Krung, available for grade 1 and grade 2, with 10-year experience.

# Mrs. HOEUNG CHANDY, is public teacher, teaching at Samdach Ov primary school, available for teaching grade 3 & 4, with 8-year experience.

# Mr. UM MARETH, public teacher, available for teaching grade 5 & 6, with 5-year experience. He is also available for teaching English basic, level 1, 2, 3.

# Mr. NOP SOPHEA, public teacher at Khlang Leu secondary school, available for teaching both Khmer, good at grade 5, 6 with 11-year experience & English, available for level 2, 3 (elementary and pre- intermediate) , in fourth year studies at university, with methodology from Department of Education Youth and Sport.

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